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Its all about me! 2013

The year is 2013. The location London. The drink Tea. The cat playing with the computer lead… Cute but Annoying!

Beads of sweat crept down her temple as her fingers ferociously tapped on the keyboard. The light outside had gradually dimmed and the street lights sprung into life as the boiler rumbled and murmured in the background. A dog yapped close by but after three hours of typing there had been no let up, once the words started flowing the fingers hadn’t stopped…

Ok… so that’s largely true, though a little embellished. The truth is I go to work everyday like most other people, I’m a marketing coordinator and pretty much take anything that someone throws at me. I work hard and have high standards, my stress levels are a little bit high, but then if I wanted to lower them I’d take an easier job and move out of London. In essence I am nothing special –  a jack of all trades, master of none.

This is my 8th year in London and the 4th area I’ve resided in. I wouldn’t describe myself as clever, more astute with a keen eye for details, an impossible analytical nature and an uncanny ability to connect the unspoken dots.

Only in the last few months has it slowly dawned on me that my work/life balance is completely up the creek and the starting point to all this was stepping on a snowboard…


One comment on “Its all about me! 2013

  1. Franz Fuls
    June 2, 2013

    aaah that work life balance. I feel your pain! Great blog, I will come back for more.

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