It's all about learning to board on Snö

It’s all about me rehash!

Me on the left

Me and my mate Jen

A new year and a new location for 2014 on the Bucks/Beds border. 3 pairs of boarding gloves already lost and a strong snow spirit engaged.

In a cold creaky house the sunrise breaks through the gap in the curtains, late nights of tapping on a keyboard have faded away, early mornings now facilitate a regular commute. So far it seems life takes place in the dark with three bright lights guiding the way in and out of the back path of a Victorian terrace.  The 30 minute commute has become a platform for my writing whilst llamas running alongside the railway carriage a regular sight…

Ok… so that’s largely true though on occasion a late night typing isn’t out of the question. Like many out there I’ve joined the daily commute to London, a decision I hope will improve my work life balance, one that I’m currently loving as I’m surrounded by trees and fields instead of the noise of the Upper Richmond Road.

I haven’t changed in personality, maybe grown a little and try not to take Work Life Balanceeverything so seriously. I still wouldn’t describe myself as clever, just with a keen eye for details and an unavoidable analytical nature. My ability to connect the unspoken dots remains consistent, although I have become much less vocal and prefer to let things ride out.

My work/life balance is improving, stepping on a snowboard definitely helped change this…I just need to get a little more confident and start enjoying the ride more regularly. I think one of the best crews out there is Isenseven and wish I could find a few riders who are older than the kids cruising the indoor slopes. I hope eventually to get good enough to slide on a box or rail.

Freeze Panorama


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