It's all about learning to board on Snö

Ok let’s go…

Someone’s getting back on a board!

ok lets goFinally after a long long time, I am gonna snowboard again! I won’t bore you with the details of my absence but lets just say my experience of an MRI felt like lying for 15 minutes in a partially sealed coffin whilst some one battered on the roof with a jack hammer…watching scenes from Buffy and Kill Bill where the protagonists break out of a coffin underground is a little more real to me now!

I’m really excited by my impending return, although by nerves are super sensitive, I have a fear that the joy I felt before a sliding on snow won’t be the same. It sounds a little odd, but because I enjoyed it so much before, I’m just not sure it will replicate that same rise of satisfaction. I really hope it does, and I’m hoping that’s why so many people continue to snowboard indoors in Britain when there’s not real snow in reach.

I also have a massive feeling I might just plant my face in the snow repeatedly, I even had a weird – almost real – dream about it. I’ve never done it once ( though expect my butt will be hitting the snow regularly tonight). But I’m at that stage where I’ve done it before and know I can do it, but I can I do it again …I can’t be too cocky thats for sure as its gonna take me a little but to get use to the correct motions again.

I think I’m going to be shouting ‘Brake’ a lot in my head tonight.

Watching and waiting…

Despite the lack of actual snowboarding with my own two feet I’ve still been keeping an eye on the latest seasons releases, including the ad-boards at Euston station which showed Jenny Jones’ Nissan commercial in life size…It’s great to see a British snowboarder getting some money and exposure but its a little one dimensional and a real shame they didn’t let her actual do something interesting like pull some of her slopestyle moves over the car, or actually give a nod to her success at the olympics by giving it a good ‘thwack’ like the nesting russian doll at Sochi.

It also looks like Grindhouse have an interesting new movie launching on the 13th October with Halluncinate and I’m happy to say 50% of the crew are visibly protecting their heads with helmets…maybe if someone invented reinforced beanies or baseball caps this would help even more!

On a more downcast note I’m a little sad to see the demise of isenseven…lets just hope it really is a #kreativepause

Seeing if the snowboard can gain another addict

What’s helping me along with my return is that one of my old uni friends is boarding for the first time, like me when I started he’s not been on the ski’s of satan either… I’m so excited for him. He has the whole stepping into the unknown, experiencing the first successful slide. Oh I hope he enjoys it. We’re starting out in MK Snozone who were exceptionally helpful when I was booking – having two different levels of snowboarder (no matter how inexperienced!) makes it so hard to find a suitable slot. We’ll be snowboarding in separate groups but at least we’ll will be there at the same time and still able to chivvy each other along.

So tonight is the night…

This morning I took the tentative step of getting out my snowboard gear…it would seem I bought a lot over the first 6 months I was boarding. Clothing overload – three pairs of everything!!! taped trousers, thermals, socks, jackets…what I find quite amusing is I’m sure at the time each item had some quirky little extra warm or sweat reducing property, but as I don’t even remember buying them..its hard to remember what will keep me warm and dry. I even still have two pairs of gloves which absolutely astounds me, gloves definitely top the list of lost items whenever I’ve been snowboarding, tops of lockers are my nemesis.

Keeping my fingers crossed I enjoy it as much as before… a dinner of pasta is definitely on the menu to maintain my energy levels…ooh ever so excited now – though if you see someone’s legs sticking up in the air and their face in the snow it’ll probably be me!


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