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The Freeze Festival Opens: Bob the Builder would be proud!

Four days of painting, staining wood, fixing and undoing to re-do and my poor weary little body is completely fried – and I only did half the time everyone else did! We successfully helped build and decorate the three main bar areas inside and out from the ceiling lights to the warming but phony fireplaces.Early Phase FReeze FestivalFreeze Festival Skis and Snowboards copy

Basecamp: Krazy Kangaroo

Building, Staining and daily work in Krazy Kangaroo Bar

Building, Staining and daily work in Krazy Kangaroo Bar

Helping on the theme team was a really good experience, hard work on a cold damp Clapham Common, but I did meet some friendly people and the final results were pretty pleasing for all of us.

If I’m honest I think I will appreciate the finished product more when I’ve had a couple of days off and can look at it with fresh eyes, without thinking about cable ties, pallet ladders and who has an available drill.

Ibiza Rocks

I spent alot of time in this one with a great big twinkly chandelier… the great think was I think every single member of the team did a part of the twiggy light fitting!

Ibiza Rocks

Metro Lodge

This is designed like a hunting lodge complete with bulls head and a cosy chimney…the fairy lights took some time, but look pretty impressive. The bark hanging on the walls took Josh and Callum, with some help from Johnny, a day and a half!

Metro Lodge

and not forgetting the construction guys…

…with their colourful breakfast topics…they built from scratch the wooden facades of Krazy Kangaroo, Metro Lodge and Ibiza Rocks…take a look up as you walk into Ibiza Rocks…the balcony is pretty impressive…that’s Ollie, Ed and the really nice guy in the green jumper whose name escapes me but apparently achieved getting a naked picture, with only a santa hat to secure his modesty, transmitted to a surveillance team in Singapore!

It was all worth it!

I hate these things with a passion...thanks to the help of Archerd I eventually got them up correctly!

I hate these things with a passion…thanks to the help of Archerd I eventually got them up correctly!

Saying this I know I will definately be popping back and forth over the entire weekend –  the dj’s, the food,  and Saturday’s Hail the Rail are definately unmissable and I haven’t even mentioned the retail village and the Sure giant inflateable igloo! Have taken some progress shots to serve as a teaser for those interested in going and a little reminder of the hard work that took place by all.

A little peek through the door of the igloo

A little peek through the door of the igloo


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