It's all about learning to board on Snö

I’m going to Freeezeeee: Festival Theme Team here we come

Down on the common where many people go… there’s gonna be a big festival full of snö!

Yep the Freeze Festival is back in London for its 6th year and why is it so important to me this year…well tomorrow morning I’m not going to be snuggled in a cosy bed like many of you out there, oh no I’ll be rubbing my blurry little eyes and silently making my way through the cold, wet streets of London to Clapham Common – jealous yet – nope I didn’t think so!

Hopefully the journey will give me time to transform into something vaguely resembling a human that can communicate and engage with others…Mmm… well I can hope…consuming tea will definitely be on the agenda at 7am!

So exactly what am I helping create and why do this to myself on a Sunday!?!

Well it’s this…

Freeze Festival Map

Map image borrowed from the official Freeze Festival website http://www.freezefestival.com

…and Crikey it looks big – gonna need vast quantities of tea! Thankfully its not all down to me, I’m part of a crew of about 25 volunteers – the Freeze Festival Theme Team – who will be helping with all the painting and creative stuff (stuff is definitely the best descriptive word as I don’t actually know what I’ll be doing). 

and this leaves the Why…three reasons really..

The First

Hail the Rail - Freeze Festival 2013

Hail the Rail – Freeze Festival 2013

I still have the beginners hunger and it is the most amazing opportunity to see how a little part of the industry works…hopefully I’ll get to see how they build the Hail the Rail…and get all that snow set up.

The Second
Its the largest gathering I’ve found that brings together British Snowboarders including  established players such as Jamie Nicholls, Andy Nudds and Ross Needham and break-through competitors such as Katie Blundell and Will Smith, in a fun but competitive snow-filled situation. By volunteering I hope I’m doing my timy little bit to help support british snowboarding.

The Third

Image taken from A Way We Go Trailer by ISENSEVEN

Image taken from A Way We Go Trailer by ISENSEVEN

I have become slightly addicted to the ISENSEVEN trailer for A Way We Go…its playing in the background as I write…I haven’t yet seen it…amazing riding, stunning scenery and two of the snowboarding crew… Wojtek Pawlusiak and Ludwig Lejkner are taking part in Hail the Rail…really hope I get to see some of that (Oh and just to keep up the British connection Tom Elliott who helps create isenseven stunning cinematographer is from Bedford!)

So at 7…(on a Sunday morning!!!) I’m taking my bag packed with my little hammer, pliers, brushes and gloves and like one of the seven dwarves hi-hoing my way to the common…if I get a change I’ll post a few shots from behind the scenes.

Images nabbed from www.freezefestival.com and www.ISENSEVEN.tv take a look at their websites…leagues ahead of my blog.


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